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F Minus opens a new front in the climate fight: a call for divestment from fossil fuel lobbyists.

Launched in July 2023, F Minus is using its revolutionary database of state-level lobbyists for upstream and midstream oil, gas, and coal interests to demonstrate the extent to which these lobbyists are also representing people, schools, communities, and businesses being harmed by the climate crisis.

The fossil fuel industry is rapidly losing the social license needed to build new projects as the severity of the climate crisis becomes increasingly clear and the public embraces the energy transition. Nevertheless, the fossil fuel industry remains firmly embedded in state capitols because of positive or merely neutral public opinion about its lobbyists, more than 1,500 of whom also represent non-fossil fuel companies, schools, nonprofits, and other organizations whose activities are perceived as beneficial. F Minus is disrupting this dynamic and calling on people to fire their fossil fuel lobbyists.


James Browning

Executive Director

James Browning has 20 years experience as a public interest advocate, most recently as Communications Director for Global Energy Monitor, for whom he created The Fossil Fuel Lobbyist, a first-of-its kind roll-up of state lobbyist data that tracks the extent to which fossil fuel lobbyists are representing companies and organizations being harmed by the climate crisis. Browning previously worked for ten years as a state and regional director for Common Cause and wrote “Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets,” a series of reports about the fracking industry that was featured on MSNBC, NPR, and in several documentary films. He is the author of The Fracking King, a novel that was named one of the Best 100 Books of 2014 by Amazon. Browning has a B.A. from Brown University and an M.A. in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University.


Nancy Chang

Field Organizer - Pacific Northwest Region

Nancy Chang has over 20 years experience as a civil servant and nonprofit executive and board member (Skate Like a Girl, Reel Grrls, Arts Corps, Artist Trust, Water 1st). Chang is committed to an equitable world, working on gender based issues, and co-founded Skate Like a Girl to create gender and racial equity in skateboarding. Most recently she worked in poverty alleviation as the Director of Goodwill Connect, a Washington State digital equity collaborative working to bridge the digital divide in Washington State. Chang is interested in creating public policy through a human-centered approach, and currently serves as a Federation of American Scientist expert. Chang holds a BFA in Sculpture and MPA from the University of Washington.



Derek Cressman

Acting Chair

Derek Cressman is an award-winning author, policy advocate, and social change organizer around environmental and good government issues. He served as Vice President of State Operations for Common Cause and has testified before Congress and the federal courts, authored three books, and coauthored or edited numerous reports and op-ed columns. His writing and commentary have appeared in USA Today, The Associated Press, The New York Times, US News & World Report, Salon, TruthOut, The Nation, The Progressive, Alternet, The Los Angeles Times, Roll Call, The Hill, The San Francisco Chronicle, The San Jose Mercury News, and The Sacramento Bee among other publications.

Jasmine Banks photo

Jasmine Banks

Jasmine Banks is the executive director of UnKoch My Campus, a national organization that is dedicated to pulling back the curtain on dark money donations and their impact on higher education. Organizing students, staff, and faculty to fight against Koch-funded influence, Jasmine has helped launch numerous campaigns across the country. As a first-generation high school and university graduate, Jasmine understands the critical role that all education plays in shaping our democracy. Jasmine is a mother of four, eternal fan of Beyoncé, and a passionate supporter of her queer Black community.

Flora Champenois photo

Flora Champenois

Flora Champenois is Program Director for Coal for Global Energy Monitor, a non-profit that creates databases, tools, and reports in support of the worldwide movement for clean energy. Previously, she was a Senior Research and Policy Analyst at Earthjustice, where she worked alongside attorneys to accelerate the coal-to-clean energy transition. She holds an Environmental Sciences and GIS degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Flora is also involved in women-led grant-making, advocating for safer streets for cyclists and pedestrians, serving on the board of her alumni chapter, and solving puzzles.

Robert Cheetham photo

Robert Cheetham

Robert Cheetham is the Chief Strategy Office for Element 84, a software engineering firm that applies open source geospatial technology for good. Prior to joining Element 84, Robert was the founder and CEO of Azavea, a B Corporation that created geospatial software for civic, social, and environmental impact. He previously served as a software developer and GIS analyst for the University of Pennsylvania, the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Police Department and as a civil servant in Japan. He has an MLA in Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Japanese Studies from the University of Michigan.


Stephen Doubleday

Stephen Doubleday is an entrepreneur based in Portland, Oregon. A trained architect and licensed general contractor, he is an active real estate developer, builder and investor. He is the past Chairman of Geographic Expeditions, a global adventure travel company engaged in deep cultural experiences with minimal ecological impact. He has served on numerous non-profit boards bringing his empathic listening, skilled negotiating, and financial acumen to aid in consensus building and mission success.

Lindsey Washburn

Lindsey Washburn

Lindsey Washburn is the Founder and CEO of Know Your Local, an educational platform on local government and civic engagement. She's also the Chief Impact Officer at Pinion, a civictech startup bringing transparency to politics by making it easy to track your elected officials' voting records and vote on legislation yourself. Lindsey consults with local governments on their development and deployment of emerging technologies, particularly GenAI. She's also the author of a children's book series on local government and lives in Tigard, OR.

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