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New Report Shows Cancer Organization Shares Lobbyists with Fossil Fuel Companies

Mar. 20, 2024

New York lobbyists 'aiding and abetting' climate crisis, research reveals

The Guardian
Feb. 19, 2024

More than two dozen Oregon lobbyists work for both sides on climate change, report finds

Oregon Capitol Chronicle
Feb. 16, 2024

New tool reveals dualities among Oregon lobbyists

Street Roots
Feb. 14, 2024

Why Big Oil lobbyists are also working for environmental groups

Fast Company
Feb. 2, 2024

The Pittsburgh Foundation, Known for its Environmentalism, Shares a Lobbying Firm with the Oil and Gas Industry

Inside Climate News
Jan. 12, 2024

Why Pittsburgh Has "the Most Extreme Embrace' of Fossil Fuel Lobbyists, Per Report

The Philadelphia Inquirer, via State & Main
Jan. 9, 2024

National climate advocacy group updates research on State House fossil fuel lobbyists 

Maryland Matters
Dec. 27, 2023

These Climate Funders Hired Lobbyists Who also Work for Fossil Fuel Companies, Report Finds

Inside Philanthropy (paywalled)
Dec. 22, 2023

Lobbying firms tied to Baltimore institutions drop coal, oil companies

WBAL TV, NBC Baltimore
Dec. 13, 2023

Dozens of US lobbyists represent both climate-focused charities and fossil fuels

The Guardian
Dec. 12, 2023

Delays in joining the RGGI regional climate program means excess ER visits and child illness in Pennsylvania

Environmental Health News
Nov. 13, 2023

Pittsburgh in "extreme embrace" with fossil fuel lobbyists, research finds

The Guardian
Oct. 31, 2023

A Rude Awakening: Sabrina Jacobs interviews the Executive Director of F Minus

Sep. 15, 2023

California's Climate Crisis "Double Agents"

The Lever
Sep. 5, 2023

Hired guns for sale thwarting climate progress

Nevada Current
Aug. 30, 2023

Lobbyist database shows Baltimore, Hopkins paying lobbying firms working for fossil fuel industry

WBAL TV Baltimore
Aug. 29, 2023

US Climate Groups Call On Multiple Industries To Fire Their Fossil Fuel Lobbyists

Common Dreams
Aug. 17, 2023

This Database Exposes The Client Conflicts Of More Than 1,500 Big Oil Lobbyists

Jul. 21, 2023

As some US cities confront the climate crisis, their lobbyists work for big oil

The Guardian
Jul. 6, 2023

Big Tech vows to fight climate crisis but employs fossil fuel linked lobbyists

The Guardian
Jul. 5, 2023

'Double Agents': fossil-fuel lobbyists work for US groups trying to fight climate crisis

The Guardian
Jul. 5, 2023

State Farm stopped insuring California homes due to climate risks but it shares lobbyists with big oil

The Guardian
Jul. 5, 2023

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