Press Releases

Pittsburgh’s extreme embrace of coal, oil, and gas lobbyists

October 31, 2023

A new report from F Minus and LittleSis finds that Pittsburgh has the most “extreme embrace” of fossil fuel lobbyists of any big American city and that the climate goals of many Pittsburgh institutions are being undermined by their own lobbyists, many of whom also work for coal, oil, and gas interests. The two groups called on the City of Pittsburgh, the School District of […]

California lobbyists play both sides of the climate crisis in 2023 legislative session

September 5, 2023

San Diego, CA–As oil and gas companies lobby to defeat several major climate bills in the final days of California’s 2023 legislative session, new research from F Minus shows that numerous lobbying firms and their lobbyists are serving as “double agents” by representing both fossil fuel companies and climate-stricken local governments, universities, and even environmental groups.

National environmental groups call for divestment

August 17, 2023

Today we are calling on local governments, schools, businesses, and other organizations who employ lobbyists to end their relationships with lobbyists who work for the fossil fuel industry. Research by F Minus finds more than 1,500 of these lobbyists are playing both sides of the climate crisis by lobbying on behalf of oil, gas, and coal companies at the same time they are lobbying on […]

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