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Colorado lobbyists playing both sides of climate crisis

May 8, 2024

Colorado counties with dangerously high levels of air pollution are “perversely employing” lobbyists who have been working to defeat anti-smog bills on behalf of their other, fossil fuel clients, finds a new report from F Minus and Brown University’s Climate and Development Lab. The report finds 24 Colorado lobbying firms or individual lobbyists who simultaneously represent fossil fuel companies and victims of the climate crisis, […]

Top NY lobbying firm engaged in “climate hypocrisy” on NY HEAT Act

April 22, 2024

A New York lobbying firm leading the opposition to the NY HEAT Act, Bolton-St. Johns, on behalf of its client National Fuel Gas, also lobbies for climate mitigation and resiliency funds on behalf of several environmental clients, according to an F Minus review of lobbyist disclosure records. These environmental clients include the Waterfront Alliance, the Hall of Science, the Council on the Environment, and the […]

Climate protesters to target Portland Art Museum on April 27

April 19, 2024

F Minus, 350 PDX, and Sunrise PDX will protest the Portland Art Museum’s ties to a fossil fuel lobbying firm at 3pm on Saturday, April 27, in Shemanski Park directly across from the museum. The protest follows an F Minus exposé of “double agent” lobbyists who simultaneously represent fossil fuel companies and pro-climate clients, including the firm of Gallatin Public Affairs’ simultaneous lobbying on behalf […]

Anti-cancer lobbyists also pushing fossil fuels

March 20, 2024

Leading anti-cancer organizations continue to employ lobbyists for fossil fuel companies, finds a new report from F Minus, despite these organizations’ own warnings that fossil fuels and the climate crisis are increasing Americans’ exposure to carcinogens. Employing gas lobbyists is especially problematic for these anti-cancer organizations, finds F Minus, because of studies showing the cancer risks faced by people who live in proximity to gas […]

Massive failure to disclose by WA’s fossil fuel lobbyists

March 4, 2024

A review of lobbyist disclosure records by F Minus reveals 27 Washington lobbyists who are simultaneously representing fossil fuel clients and non-fossil-fuel clients who are being harmed by the climate crisis. An F Minus review of monthly filings also finds a massive failure among these lobbyists to comply with a new Public Disclosure Commission requirement to disclose the numbers of the bills on which they […]

NY’s top lobbyists playing both sides of climate crisis

February 13, 2024

Download the report New York’s leading fossil fuel lobbyists are simultaneously lobbying on behalf of environmental groups, hospitals, universities, cultural institutions, and tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, according to a new report from F Minus and LittleSis. The report argues that such “double agent” lobbyists are part of a strategy by the fossil fuel industry to greenwash its image and dissuade state […]

Oregon’s top fossil fuel lobbyists also work for leading cultural institutions, tech companies, and climate-focused nonprofits

January 22, 2024

New research by F Minus finds that some of Oregon’s top fossil fuel lobbyists are simultaneously registered to lobby on behalf of pro-climate nonprofits and cultural organizations, a disaster relief organization, and tech giants Apple, Google, and Meta, a strategy that F Minus Executive Director James Browning criticized as a form of “greenwashing.” In Oct. 2023, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved the expansion of […]

Johns Hopkins cuts some ties with coal lobbyists; Baltimore shares lobbyists with Curtis Bay Energy

December 13, 2023

The Johns Hopkins University and the City of Baltimore are backing away from working with lobbyists whose fossil fuel advocacy is at odds with their own climate goals, according to an analysis of new lobbyist registrations by climate group F Minus. In July 2023, F Minus revealed that lobbyists for JHU shared the firm of Cornerstone Government Strategies with coal-plant operator NRG Energy, and shared the firm […]

19 U.S. Climate Foundations Employ Fossil Fuel Lobbyists

December 12, 2023

A new report from F Minus finds 19 U.S. climate-focused foundations who pursue non-climate policy goals in areas such as education by employing fossil fuel lobbyists. Collecting data on climate legislation and state-level lobbyist registrations from 2022-23, the report highlights four climate foundations whose grant-making is “most conflicted” with the pro-fossil-fuel advocacy of their own lobbyists: Ballmer Giving, New Venture Fund, the Pew Charitable Trusts, […]

Pittsburgh’s extreme embrace of coal, oil, and gas lobbyists

October 31, 2023

A new report from F Minus and LittleSis finds that Pittsburgh has the most “extreme embrace” of fossil fuel lobbyists of any big American city and that the climate goals of many Pittsburgh institutions are being undermined by their own lobbyists, many of whom also work for coal, oil, and gas interests. The two groups called on the City of Pittsburgh, the School District of […]

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