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March 28, 2024

Tell King County to Cut Ties with Lobbyists for Coal, Oil, and Gas

Some of America’s most progressive local governments–like King County, Washington–perversely share lobbying firms with some of its most rapacious fossil fuel companies. Currently, King County shares the firm of Insight Strategic Partners with coal-and-gas company TransAlta, gas company Puget Sound Energy, and Chevron, which is one of the world’ biggest greenhouse gas emitters.

Join F Minus in calling on King County to cut ties with fossil fuel lobbyists.

So far in 2024, Insight Strategic Partners has lobbied on “Environment” and “Recycling” for King County, but this firm has failed to disclose which bills, exactly, it is pushing on behalf of its fossil fuel clients.

However, a different lobbyist for Chevron in Washington has disclosed working on a bill that would reduce Washington’s early emissions reduction targets under the Climate Commitment Act. Why is King County sharing a lobbying firm with a company that is making the climate crisis worse and is trying to weaken our climate commitments?

Contact your King County Council Member

Here is suggested language for contacting your King County Council Member about the county’s continued employment of fossil fuel lobbyists. Please use the form below to send this message with your name attached, or use it to draft your own message!


Dear Council Member [name]:

I am writing to express my concern about King County’s employment of contract lobbyists who also work for fossil fuel companies.

Currently, the County shares the lobbying firm of Insight Strategic Partners with Chevron, one of the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters, with coal-and-gas plant operator TransAlta, and with Puget Sound Energy. I appreciate the actions that King County is taking to address the climate crisis. But working with a fossil fuel lobbying firm undermines this work and sends the message that “coal and gas are okay.”

Will you speak out against this practice and commit the county to cutting ties with fossil fuel lobbyists?



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