Climate accountability groups amplify Guterres with call to fire fossil fuel lobbyists

June 5, 2024

Echoing UN Secretary-General António Guterres’s call for ad agencies and public relations firms to stop working with fossil fuel clients, the climate accountability groups F Minus, UnKoch My Campus, Our Climate, and LittleSis called on U.S. lobbyists to drop their fossil fuel clients. The groups also called on local governments, nonprofit organizations, and businesses to cut ties with lobbying firms who continue to represent fossil fuel companies. The F Minus database of state-level fossil fuel lobbyists reveals more than 1,500 examples of such lobbyists who also represent clients being harmed by the climate crisis.

“It is time for ad agencies to pick a side in the climate fight and stop profiting from both the perpetrators and the victims of the climate crisis,” said James Browning, Executive Director of F Minus. “It is also time to hold lobbyists accountable for playing both sides of the climate crisis and for profiting from fossil fuels when their other clients like local governments, schools, and nonprofit organizations face catastrophic climate mitigation costs.”

“Young people in organizations like UnKoch My Campus have been on the frontlines of this fight, urging industries to refuse to image launder fossil fuel crimes and invest in their future,” said Jasmine Banks, Executive Director of UnKoch My Campus, “It is past time for advertising and lobbying professionals to recognize their role in perpetuating these harms and to take a stand against the fossil fuel industry. Our future depends on decisive action now, not empty promises and continued complicity.”

“The climate crisis is an urgent and existential threat that demands bold and immediate action from all industries, ” said Nadya Dutchin, Board President of Our Climate. “Advertising and lobbying firms have a choice: Choose people and planet, or choose profit. Our Climate’s youth leaders are calling for nothing less than complete realignment of values in this fight.” 

“Fossil fuel corporations rely on advertising and lobbying professionals to maintain their social license,” said Robert Galbraith, Senior Research Analyst at LittleSis. “While propagandizing on behalf of an industry built on resource extraction and environmental devastation may be profitable, these firms have an obligation to reject fossil fuel money and refuse complicity in the industry’s efforts to maintain its disastrous course.”


James Browning, F Minus, 

Jasmine Banks, UnKoch My Campus,

Catherine Mongella, Our Climate,

Rob Galbraith,

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